INSTRUCTORFILES Refund and Return Policy

There are a few important things to keep in mind when returning a product you purchased from the InstructorFiles Store


You have 14 calendar days to return or refund an item from the date you purchased it.


We offer refunds in the following circumstances;

  • You have not used any included access codes for any online resource that came with your product.
  • You have not previously returned the same product from a prior purchase.
  • You have not returned a total of 3 or more products in the past 90 days across all of your InstructorFiles Accounts.
  • You can only return items purchased directly from the InstructorFiles Store.

How to Refund a Product

To refund a purchased product from the InstructorFiles Store, sign in to your account with the email address and password used to purchase the product and fill out the returns and refund form.

The accepted refund requests will be processed within 48 hours. Once a refund is initiated, you see the transaction on your bank account for the refunded amount within 1-3 business days. This timeline to post the transaction ultimately depends on the card-issuing bank.


Returns for InstructorFiles products purchases through other retailers are subject to their respective returns and refunds policy.

Abuse of Return Policy: InstructorFiles reserves the right to refuse to sell or to provide refunds to any person for any reason not prohibited by law, including, but not limited to, abuse of its return policy.